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Should I secure my website with HTTPS?

  • 19-05-2018 2:00 PM
Written by
Arjan de Knegt

A question that we frequently get at OTYS. We are happy to provide you with answers in this article.

First a brief explanation: A website is secured by means of an SSL certificate. This certificate encrypts all data on your website, including all data that is entered and sent through forms. Personal details and passwords that are entered in, for example, application forms are thus unreadable for external (malicious) parties.

If your website is secured with an SSL certificate, the browser displays this as HTTPS. This replaces the standard HTTP before your website address. Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox also show a green lock to indicate that use of your website is safe.



Now to the question. Is securing my website with an SSL certificate useful? To answer this you have to ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Do I want to guarantee my visitors that use of my website is safe?
  • Do I want to get higher Google ratings?
  • Do I want to look trustworthy?

If the answer to these three questions is 'yes', then it is smart to secure your website with HTTPS.

Your website secure

As described above, especially for websites with job application forms, it is important to secure your website. The Personal Data Protection Act does not deal specifically with SSL certificates, but does state that you as a website owner are responsible for securing your website against abuse in all sections where personal data are entered. By ensuring that all data is encrypted you guarantee your visitors that your site is a secure environment and that their privacy is guaranteed.

Higher Google ratings

Because Google considers privacy very important, the search engine gives secure websites priority over unsecured sites. Are you automatically at number one in Google with a secure website? No, but it does have influence. In our opinion, a good reason to choose for HTTPS.

Looking trustworthy

The browsers Chrome and Firefox especially, clearly indicate whether your website is safe or unsafe. A green lock before your web address gives the visitor confidence and shows that you take their privacy seriously.

Are you still not convinced? Part 2 of this article explains how browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are increasingly warning for non-secure websites.

Do you still have an unsafe website? You can check this in your browser. Does your web address start with HTTP? If so, we recommend to contact OTYS quickly. We apply for the right certificate for you and ensure its validation and correct installation, so that your website can only be reached securely via HTTPS.


Yes, get me one of those SSL certificates


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