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5 Valuable Google Analytics statistics for Recruiters.

  • 04-02-2019 4:28 PM
Written by
M. Ingen

Nowadays, Google Analytics is a hot topic in the recruitment world. Everyone knows that it provides a lot of information. But what is Google Analytics? And how can you, as a recruiter, gain valuable insights from a system that seems complicated at first? In this article I'm going to give you 5 solid levers that ar truly helpful.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a data collection program from Google. By adding a piece of code to your website, the program continuously collects information and statistics about the visitors on your website. You can gather a lot of valuable insights about your target group from these statistics; what are they doing on your website and what works or does not work well. However, which statistics are good starting points? To simplify, I will give an explanation of 5 statistics that are truly useful for recruiters.

Have you not yet implemented Google Analytics on your website? Check this link for a detailed explanation.

A question that is asked a lot at OTYS is whether Google Analytics infringes on the visitor's privacy after the introduction of the new AVG legislation. Do not worry, in one of our blogs we explain step by step how yto keep your Google Analytics implementation compliant.

5 Google Analytics reports hich are helpful

1. Channels - how do visitors get to your website?

Acquisition -> All traffic -> Channels

Perhaps the most important one, as the first! You get visitors on your website, but how do they get here? And which route is the most efficient way for me to send potential candidates to my website? Google distinguishes 4 different routes:

  • Direct 
  • Organic search (free search traffic)
  • Social (social media)
  • Referral (links from other websites)

This is perfect to determine how your visitors find your website. Are you on a findable spot in search engines (organic search), or do you really need to cultivate this? And therefore pay more attention to the SEO? Has the last social media campaign provided results? Are Facebook visitors actually usueful to me? Just a few questions that get answered by the statistics in this report. In short, it can be very valuable to accurately analyze the performance of each channel and see how they relate to the time/effort contributed into each channel. 

2. Location - where do your visitors originated?

Target group -> Geo -> Location

Would you like to know where your visitors originated? Did the campaign for jobseekers in Limburg have any effect?

This is the best report to analyze information about visitor locations and to have these kind of questions addressed. You may even notice that a huge amount of visitors originate from a province of few vacancies. A possible "niche" in the market?

3. Mobile overview - What devices do your visitors use?

Audience -> Mobile -> Overview

What device do people actually use to visit my website? Does my mobile website perform well?

This information is listed in the report. You are directed straight to an overview which divides visits into mobile, desktop and tablet visitors. Does the majority of the visitors come through mobile phones? That would immediately indicate a good starting point for recruitment campaigns. If mobile visits are lagging, then you realise that there are points for improvement for your mobile website. Maybe the mobile application form is unnecessarily lenghtly, whch causes potential applicants to leave...

4. All pages - Which (job) pages are visited frequently?

Behavior -> Site content -> All pages or landing pages

All pages

Which pages are popular? This report quickly tells you which vacancies are visited often and which may require some extra attention. You can also do a small test with different types of vacancy texts and then check which attracts more visitors.

Landing pages

This is a report that displays from which pages the visitor enters the website. Besides your homepage, this can page has a wealth of interesting information. You can, for example, see if that landing page for the vacancy category 'accountants', created a month ago, is easily found. In addition, you can also check if certain vacancies are easily accessible, or not. Interesting information to think about...

5. Conversions - Do you get any applications?

Conversions -> Goals -> overview or funnel view

My personal favorite! Achieved goals. In Google Analytics, a conversion action (like an application) can be registered. Quite nice to know of course, especially in combined with the previous mentioned reports in this article. A page with many visitors or a channel that brings in a lot of visitors is great, but the end goal of a page connecting and converting is what is important.

Another nice trick is setting a funnel. This can be done when setting a target. A funnel that we often set: vacancy detail -> application form -> application. This way you can see exactly how many visitors end up on each step in the job application tunnel. Perhaps even more important, you also see in which step many visitors leavein. You can investigate with a critical recruiter's eye straight away why people would leave during that page.

Either way, Google Analytics is a valuable program for the recruiter because it provides much feedback on performed actions and useful information about the target audience. In any case, we are already convinced of the value. Are you?
Are you convinced of the value of Google Analytics and Online Marketing, but rather have a partner to help you? Perhaps we can assist you. View our online marketing services for the recruitment industry or contact us!

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