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What makes a good vacancy website?

  • 07-03-2023 1:54 PM
Written by
Faye Buter

In today's tense job market, simply posting a vacancy on Facebook is seldom enough. Attracting new staff depends on a successful employer branding strategy. Perhaps the most visible part of this? Your vacancy website.

Is your corporate recruitment site attractive (and clear) enough to convince a candidate to apply for a job with you? Does it sufficiently display your organization's identity? Or is it just a listing place for your vacancies? A good vacancy website contributes to strengthening your employer brand. Therefore I have tried to figure out what exactly makes a good employment website.


Texts that actually have something to say

Although today's candidate is more visually oriented than before, you (of course) cannot escape having texts on your website. How else are you supposed to get your message across? But, texts can be more than a boring enumeration of soft and hard skills you are looking for in an employee. Good texts contribute positively to radiating your corporate culture and propagating the core values you stand for.