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Labour market in 2019: 7 trends and developments that will change recruitment

  • 30-12-2018 9:02 AM
Written by
M. Ingen

The year 2018 is coming to an end and this gives us the perfect opportunity to look beyond the holidays to 2019. What will the trends and developments on the labour market be in 2019? We've put together a list of 7 trends and developments that we expect to take the main stage in 2019 and that you as a recruiter should be prepared for.

#1 Niche recruiters

Talent is becoming increasingly scarce, but unusual occupations are on the rise, too. That's thanks in large part to automation and the rise of new technologies. Just think of a Dronepilot, Cyber Security Specialist or a Blockchain Developer. Had you ever heard of those 5 years ago? Probably not! The vast majority of the Dutch probably has no experience in these areas, which makes it the perfect challenge for the niche recruiter in the future.

#2 Chatbots

Chatbots are slowly and increasingly taking over our recruitment world! Don't panic, it's going to provide plenty of benefits. Chatbots on your website are available 24/7 to offer help. They can help a visitor surfing the site find a suitable vacancy with specific questions, which can mean enormous improvements in the customer experience. Chatbots take annoying administrative chores off the recruiter's plate, leaving time for what really matters: personal contact.


#3 Social Recruiting

Millenials are taking their first steps towards the labour market, a generation that grew up with all the comforts of the internet and where social life mainly takes place online. Cliché: as a company, you have to be where your target group is. A recruiter who spends the whole day on his phone isn't the exception anymore. Chances are that he is texting, sending DMs or chatting to a candidate via Messenger! And don't forget video. A video interview is becoming the norm these days, in fact, millenials won't have it any other way!



#4 Maximum candidate experience

The tight labour market will give applicants the power to become even more critical of your organisation. Did you not respond within a certain period of time or is there a problem somewhere else in the process? That's a pity, there a lot of other vacancies for you. The intertwining of recruitment and marketing is already underway, but will become even more important. We're going to have to pull out all the stops for a perfect hire!

#5 Source of hire

If we're talking about trends, we can't forget big data. These days, big data is not so much a trend anymore, but OTYS is increasingly seeing a trend in the way data is used: it is becoming increasingly important to know exactly where candidates come from (the source of hire). With the scarcity on the market, that's more important than ever; you don't want your valuable recruitment budget to be thrown into a bottomless pit!

#6 Personalised vacancies

Let's stick with the data theme for a moment. It has long been possible to display advertisements based on internet users' online behaviour. This is slowly but surely spreading to vacancies. The goal is to reach people who are not actively looking for a job. Is a company looking for a JavaScript specialist? Then we need to look at which people are looking for information about this and where they are, so they're shown vacancies in a targeted way.

#7 Rapidly accelerating wage increases

We think there will be a trend around wages, too. The positive economic conditions in combination with the candidate-driven market are going to mean accelerated wage increase. Employees have more choice and the enormous supply of vacancies will make it easier to switch jobs. Employers will have to dig deep and invest more in their employees before they are tempted away by the competition!

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