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Read CV’s easily with OTYS

  • 02-06-2020 11:17 AM
Written by
Fleur de Kwaasteniet

At OTYS we like to use links and integrations, we also have an integration with Textkernel. This gives you the option within OTYS to have CV’s read automatically and to have the information saved as a new candidate, we call this 'Text kernels'. Textkernel may sound familiar to you, but what is often forgotten is our extra functionality of TK Reader. But what do Textkernel and TK Reader actually mean and what can you do with them? You can read it in this blog!

Textkernel in a nutshell

Textkernel is an integration through which the reading of CV’s is done for you and the information is automatically saved as a new candidate. Textkernel can recognize the data from a CV and processes this in the Candidates module of OTYS. This way you only have to fill in the missing fields. Textkernel not only recognizes the standard data as personal details, but also fills in data such as education and work experience for you. In short, it is easier and faster to process CV’s in your OTYS system.

Advantages of Textkernel

  • Automatically read CV’s
  • Error sensitivity is reduced
  • Time saving
  • Easy and fast
  • Highly accurate

Additional functionality TK Reader

TK Reader is an additional option of OTYS that allows you to automatically Textkernel incoming e-mails. Do you receive resumes from multi-posters, job boards and/or other external parties? Then you can create rules in OTYS that ensure that these incoming CV’s are automatically loaded into the Candidates Module.

How it works

Suppose you regularly receive CV’s from a fixed source, for example a job board. You will probably then create a new candidate for each CV. But it can be done differently! You can have the e-mails scanned and automatically read and converted into a candidate. Since the CV’s always come from a fixed source they have a fixed characteristic, such as the sender address. With TK Reader you can set that from now on you have all e-mails from this sender checked for an attachment. That attachment is then read out and automatically converted into a candidate. This way you do not have to extract all the CV’s you receive from the e-mails yourself, but this is done automatically for you.

Have you become interested in this handy feature of TK Reader? Mail to tkreader@otys.nl.

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