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The top three BI Tools to better manage your business

  • 21-10-2021 10:12 AM
Larissa Kampert
Written by
Larissa Kampert

OTYS is the ATS to take the professionalization step with your company. Growing from a local recruiter into a national player is only possible if you streamline your processes properly, when you no longer write down your appointments on a notepad and when you no longer keep track of whether a candidate is available in Excel. Do you recognize yourself in the following situation: you instinctively have your processes in order, but you lack overview and control and you make decisions mainly based on gut feeling. Then it's time to take the next step with BI Dashboarding.

BI Dashboarding? Yes! BI Dashboarding. With Business Intelligence Dashboards you bundle all relevant data within OTYS to be able to read it at a glance. This way you make well-informed decisions in a fraction of the time. We have listed the best three tools for you! Get inspired and see what suits you best.

1. OnRecruit
OnRecruit brings all your different recruitment data sources together. Within the recruitment you have different data at your disposal. Think of advertisement, website, e-mail marketing, recruitment/ATS, HR or back-office data. With OnRecruit you can combine all this data in 1 data warehouse. OnRecruit then helps you to translate this data into useful insights in your own BI tool such as:

  • How much should I invest in which channel to achieve my recruitment goals for which types of vacancies?
  • What are the biggest bottlenecks in my recruitment process at the moment?
  • How many hires or placements or even revenue can I expect based on my current pipeline?

By means of these dashboards you have easy insight into not only what has happened in the past, but also about what you can expect in the future and more importantly: What your next step should be within your processes, so that you can ultimately place or hire more candidates and thus achieve your recruitment and business objectives.

The benefits of OnRecruit:

  • Suitable for both recruitment companies and direct employers.
  • Completely specialized in and market leader based on combining and visualizing recruitment data.
  • OnRecruit sets up a professional data warehouse for you so that you always have all your data available in a structured, combined and up-to-date manner. This ensures that your data is not only interlinked in a very smart way, but that other tools can also be withdrawn in an efficient way.
  • OnRecruit helps you to translate your data within a BI tool, so that you can set up all your dashboards completely according to your own wishes and you can also zoom in on your relevant sub data sets within your dashboards; branches, regions, offices, target groups, date ranges, etc. etc.
  • With OnRecruit you can also enrich your ATS (OTYS) with data from your data warehouse; so that you can for instance see in your ATS which candidates are on your website again.
  • OnRecruit connects with all CMSs, email marketing tools, ATSs and back-office systems. If you have one they haven't paired with yet, they'll arrange that for you.

2. Recbi
Where do your candidates come from? Where do we run the most margin? How many placements can we expect with the current vacancies? You can gain insight into all this and more with Recbi. With Recbi you can work smarter, faster and more efficiently and the tool is very suitable for employment agencies, secondments and recruitment and selection agencies. They convert issues into insightful dashboards and useful IT tools.

The benefits of Recbi:

  • Expert in the field of recruitment and everything that comes with it.
  • Very extensive forecasting options on sales targets.
  • Insightful dashboards including useful IT tools.
  • Also great for the smartphone with their own mobile application.
  • The packages are offered in subscription form, so no major investment is required.

3. &More Group: OTYS Insights
OTYS Insights is the best option to start using BI dashboards in a simple and affordable way. Within OTYS Insights, you as a user by default receive 4 dashboards; focused on four different arrow points in your business: clients, customer, candidate and data. With OTYS Insights you start every day with a filled dashboard that gives your colleagues and yourself direct insight into the state of your business.

The benefits of OTYS Insights:

  • Since this tool itself works with OTYS, they know exactly which information is interesting and relevant for you.
  • Specially tailored for the OTYS system.
  • Background in data and data quality are the only ones to offer insightful dashboards for this.

Bonus: XA Flow
Although XA Flow is not a complete BI dashboard, it can certainly come in handy within your organization. With XA Flow you allow all your software applications to work closely together. XA Flow does this by means of (API) links. The moment you use multiple applications at the same time in your system, it is possible that these applications do not go well together. This costs your employees a lot of time and money. With XA Flow you can ensure that all these systems are linked and work together in this way. You can easily add data automatically in any system, update everything or fully integrate it into existing internal and external processes. Since they can already link all these systems, they can also use the data to build a data dashboard for you.

Would you also like to gain more insight into your organization through BI Dashboarding? Please contact us. Interested in more information about the partners OnRecruit, Recbi, &Moregroup or XA Flow? Then visit the partner page of the relevant link. You can easily request a link on their corresponding partner page.

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