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How do you score with the OTYS job boards? EC edition

  • 15-06-2021 12:42 AM
Written by
Nina van Eden

Is your customer looking for a Ronaldo to strengthen his team? Then post the vacancy on your own job board (vacancy bank) made by OTYS, which helps your customer to score a point! Did you know that in addition to recruitment software, we can also design and build entire job boards? And that’s done completely in line with the goal that suits your company. Whether that is a job bank as a traffic generator, as a source of income by offering paid job postings or a source of income from advertising and premium company profiles. No problem for us, we adapt ourselves completely to your wishes. In this blog I will tell you about the advantages of job boards made by OTYS and I will show you a few examples from our customers.

What are the advantages of a job board made by OTYS?

We know what a good job board must qualify for. We have the knowledge of recruitment to convert your question into a correct employer branding strategy. A very important aspect for a job board, for example, are SEO optimization tools and many communication and recruitment tools to bring vacancies to the attention of the target group. Including the vacancy alert and smart search functionalities for an optimal user experience of course. We can also add blog, event, news and mailing modules. In short, with the tools of OTYS you reach your target group and very importantly, you keep them involved. Through our experience and insight into the market, we know what is important for job boards and what the latest trends are. Do you always want to win, just like the Dutch national team? Then score your new top attacker (sales) super midfielder (recruiter) or a strong rear guard (administration) with an OTYS job board. Complete the dream team and score your first candidate!

Customers with an OTYS job board

I can imagine that you are now thinking: ‘what exactly does a job board from OTYS look like?’. First of all, because we employ our own web developers and web designers, we can make a job board entirely according to your wishes. But, to give you an idea, we highlight two of our customers in this blog: Global Sports Jobs (to keep that European Championship vibe for a while) and AgriFoodMatch.

The job board of Global Sports Jobs

The Global Sports Jobs (GSJ) job board had to be very attractive to visitors looking for a job in the sports industry. That's why our design team has created a very cool design that attracts athletes. In addition to a beautiful design, our marketing team has also been actively involved in SEO and the user experience to optimize findability and customer experience.

In addition, at Global Sports Jobs, customers can create vacancies themselves and they can also see how the vacancies have performed. Customers can purchase job vacancies and customers can have vacancies advertised for a fee. Global Sports Jobs uses the webshop functionalities of OTYS. By integrating the multiple modules, they can easily create different revenue streams on their platform with few resources!

What is also special about this job board is that customers have complete control over their listing on the website. They can write their own piece about their company, which will be shown on their company page along with all the open vacancies of that one customer. In which a premium customer can share more (for example videos) than non-premium customers. Check out The FA's premium company profile.

In addition to vacancies, Global Sports Jobs also offers various training courses. One can search for an area of interest, for example, and Global Sports Jobs lists various courses that are available for this.