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Jobdigger Insights from now on also in Belgium

  • 16-10-2020 1:18 PM
Written by
Marlin van den Berg

Two months of free labor market data from Jobdigger Insights within OTYS

With the integration of Jobdigger and OTYS you optimize your sales and recruitment process. Jobdigger offers complete and up-to-date insight into the labor market and shows you relevant vacancies within an industry, region or sector. Directly in the OTYS system.

All vacancies available directly within OTYS

Within Jobdigger, search for vacancies for a specific job title within a specific city, region, search area or radius in Belgium, the Netherlands, a border region or France. On the other hand, you can also search for vacancies directly within Jobdigger for the candidates and organizations that are in your OTYS database. This smart link ensures that you use both systems optimally within your sales and recruitment process.

Insight into the market and organization

When one or more vacancies have been transferred to your OTYS system, Jobdigger Insights gives you direct access to, among other things, market and company analyzes about your prospects. You can use this information conveniently, for example during lead conversations. In addition, Jobdigger gives you direct insight into your target group, such as the characteristics of (potential) candidates, pull factors and desired terms of employment. You also gain insight into which websites and apps they use when they are looking for another job.

Optimize your sales and recruitment process

Within Jobdigger you immediately label interesting companies as prospect, lead or customer. Use this online sales funnel to map out your opportunities on the labor market. Then enter which companies you want to receive daily updates with newly posted vacancies in your mailbox. You can also set these notifications for vacancies that match the set search profiles.

Two months of free access to Jobdigger Insights within OTYS

Jobdigger provides insight into the labor market through the use of innovative A.I. technology, is ISO27001 certified and continuously optimizes its data quality. Take out an annual subscription now and get 2 months free access to Jobdigger Insights.

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