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What is the difference between a regular and a corporate recruiter?

  • 13-04-2021 9:12 PM
Written by
Larissa Kampert

You want to work in the recruitment industry and you have found out that there is a difference between a regular recruiter and a corporate recruiter. In order to make the best choice, you must of course know the difference between these two. In short, a regular recruiter works at a recruitment and selection agency, and a corporate recruiter recruits for his own company. Read on to discover what distinguishes a regular and corporate recruiter from each other!

What is a regular recruiter

A regular recruiter, or a recruitment Consultant, works for a traditional recruitment agency, also known as a recruitment and selection agency. A recruitment Consultant works and recruits for various companies, to which they are not further affiliated. As a recruitment Consultant you have several conversations for different companies, which makes your day very diverse.

In the Netherlands, recruiters are often employed by recruitment and selection agencies, but they can also work for employment agencies or within the secondment industry. In this case, the handling of candidates is done slightly differently. You do not place the candidates directly with the client, but hire them yourself. Major players, such as Monday, often look for candidates who fit within a certain job profile. If you are employed as a recruiter for such a company, you are often responsible for the first part (recruitment) or the last part of the process (placement). At OTYS we see you as a regular recruiter.

What is a Corporate Recruiter

A corporate recruiter is a person who recruits people for their own company. For example, if you work as a corporate recruiter at OTYS, then you are employed by OTYS and you only recruit staff who are directly placed at OTYS. So you do not recruit for other companies. A corporate recruiter proactively searches for the right candidate who fits within his / her own company. You do this by looking at the knowledge, competences, ambitions and interests of the candidate. You match this to the job requirements, but you probably look even more than a regular recruiter to see if it fits into the company culture. Does this person fit the picture perfectly? Then it is probably the right match.

The biggest differences

As you may have noticed, the biggest difference is that one works for your own company while the other is used for various companies. Yet there is also a difference in terms of activities. A corporate recruiter will also be able to focus on developing new content. Consider, for example, the content on a career website or improvement of vacancy texts.

A recruitment Consultant will mainly focus on searching and selecting the right candidate. He / she will therefore have many more conversations in one day than a corporate recruiter. A recruitment Consultant will also have to post more vacancies online. However, you will receive this and (in most cases) you do not have to write it yourself.

Both ultimately have the same goal: to make the perfect match. The choice is yours alone which direction you go in. Do you prefer to recruit for your own company or for several? Am I interested in content creation or do I prefer to have a lot of conversations? You must take these considerations before making a choice. Good luck!

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