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Increase your placement chance with digital assessments from The Selection Lab

  • 13-07-2021 11:40 AM
Larissa Kampert
Written by
Larissa Kampert

Assessments are increasingly becoming an important part of the application procedure. They provide a handy method for employers to find out what capabilities they have with a particular candidate. With the digital assessments of The Selection Lab you can easily and cheaply assess whether an applicant is suitable for your organization.

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Smart software increases placement chances

It is important that a good assessment can predict whether a candidate fits within your organization. By means of the smart software of The Selection Lab, making a digital assessment becomes a piece of cake:

  • You start by visualizing your ideal profile(s) with an expert and then you determine the corporate culture for your organization. Once this has been set up, you can quickly compare the results of applicants with it.
  • The best interview questions are generated based on your input and the candidate's results.
  • The Selection Lab can predict which candidates have (the highest) chances of success. Have you hired a candidate already? Then The Selection Lab keeps track of how well this new employee is performing. This makes the next prediction more and more accurate.
  • To guarantee quality, The Selection Lab only uses scientifically validated assessments.


By means of this digital assessment you get much more information about the candidate and you increase the placement chance by no less than 27%!


Easy and accessible for every employee

Sending out digital assessments is easy from your own OTYS environment. The assessments can be understood by everyone within the organization and no jargon is used. After you have sent an assessment to a candidate, the candidate will be able to complete it via the smartphone or laptop. After completing it, you will receive the competencies, core values, cultural preferences and even the intelligence level of the candidate. This result is visualized in an infographic and is stored in the candidate file, to make it accessible to everyone.

Time-saving and fast for the entire organization

As a recruiter, you know how time-consuming the regular recruitment and selection process is. This can be done more efficiently with The Selection Lab and it saves you approximately 31% in time per applicant. But where does that 31% come from? We are happy to tell you:

  • The Selection Lab automatically calculates per candidate to what extent it is suitable for your organization. All you have to do is analyze the results.
  • After viewing these results, you can easily invite the candidate for an interview with one click on the button.
  • Because you already have a good understanding of the candidate, fewer application rounds are needed to come to a well-considered decision.


Are you excited yet about digital assessments and The Selection Lab, but do you want more information? Take a look at the partner page of The Selection Lab, on their website or fill in the contact form to receive more information. You can also send an email to customersales@otys.nl or fill in the form on the partner page.

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