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The intermediate layer of innovation in data transmission

  • 17-09-2020 12:22 PM
Written by
Martine Verhave, Senior consultant bij Solid Flex Solutions

Within a business process, data from customers, contacts, vacancies, candidates and placements is usually collected and managed in a specific system, for example a recruitment system. However, the same data is also required within other systems. Think of back-office systems, planning and time registration systems and financial software. It is important that relevant data is exchanged between the different systems at the right time, so that the available data is always up to date and correct. Without a link between the systems, data must be manually retyped or lists exchanged via Excel. A time-consuming and error-prone process. How can this be done more easily?

Working with one system
If one system is used, there is of course no data to be transferred. In addition, IT costs are generally lower. On the other hand, the functionality is usually shorter and of lesser quality, because an all-in-one package is often not specialized on all subjects. In addition, the development time for new functionality is longer and it is more difficult to (partially) switch to another package.

If there is a need for specialized functionalities, different systems are quickly needed. More and more companies are opting for this so-called best-of-breed strategy. The most suitable software is then used for the various processes within the organization. Such as a temporary employment agency that uses an ATS system for its recruitment process, a back-office for the administration and also has a financial system to pay and invoice.

Each software package has its own format
Data must be managed and maintained in each separate system. Each software package has its own layout and in general the systems do not connect directly to each other. As a result, the data is manually retyped or files are exchanged via Excel.

Custom coupling
To solve this, a custom link can be built, fully applied to the current business operations and specific wishes of the company. The link can be as extensive or as concise as needed. This is often an expensive solution, because a separate link has to be built for each system. The link becomes obsolete over time, because systems are renewed and wishes regarding the link change. In most cases, a custom link cannot be flexibly adjusted. The necessary changes and maintenance result in unexpected costs and often involve a long lead time.

Intermediate layer
The innovation in this field is the linking of systems by means of a flexible linking platform. This surrounds its own business software. Via this intermediate layer, it is possible to link to any other system and the data from one system is automatically available in the other system, without manual actions. A flexible coupling platform is indeed an extra software party, but it relieves you of having to set up and maintain the link. This party assumes responsibility for the link. This prevents discussion of problems if the link is not working properly.

Always up to date
With an intermediate layer, it becomes very easy for companies to choose the best-of-breed software. The company's own business software can now easily be linked to new systems because the link is made directly via the intermediate layer. Are there changes within a system? The intermediate layer ensures that the link remains up to date. Links can be made via API, web service, SFTP and e-mail with different authentication methods. Data is automatically exchanged between systems when this is required for operational management. The status of the data transfer is visible in the source system. The docking platform is not visible to the end user. Linking platforms naturally comply with the GDPR guidelines.

By using a flexible linking platform that automatically exchanges data between your systems, you can focus on the things that really matter. Put your time and energy into the most important thing: connecting people and companies!

With an intermediate layer, manually transferring data is a thing of the past. Is your company also going for this flexible, fast, cost-effective solution in software use? Visit our website https://connectyourflex.com/ for more information. Interested in a link between your OTYS environment and another system? Please contact your OTYS account manager.

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