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Recipe: Employer statement with the OTYS Documents Manager in 7 easy steps

  • 28-01-2021 2:16 PM
Written by
Larissa Kampert

If you have some information on a candidate registered in OTYS, it would be a waste of time to copy it manually into a document. With the document manager you can automatically enter the data. 

One example inspired by current affairs:  How could you create an Employer Statement curfew? 


- Standard texts
- Lay-out
- Images
- Data from OTYS
- Data that is not available in OTYS


1. We ‘borrow’ the lay-out of images from Word. A lot is possible in the document manager, but a ‘real’ office package of course has many more let-out possibilities. In Word we prepare the charts (without visible borders), containing the blue text and the images.

2. In the document manager we create a new snippet. In that we paste the contents of the Word file.*

3. In the snippet we add the ‘merge fields’ – which automatically extract the data of the candidate. Think of the name, birth date, etc.

4. In the snippet we also add ‘question fields’. We use those to supplement the information which we can’t extract directly from OTYS. If you create a document later on, a screen with the questions will first appear. The answers will then be written out of the document.

5. Is the snippet ready? Make sure it has a useful name and perhaps a category, so you can easily retrieve your snippet.

6. Now create a new document. Insert the snippet in it.

7. Set the configurations of your document right; a logical name, the ‘global’ check so all your colleagues can see the document. Decide whether it should be a Word or PDF document. 

Your Employer statement is now ready for use! Try for instance using your document from the dossier of a candidate; underneath the button ‘new’ you’ll find the ‘standard document’. Now this will also contain your Employer statement.

Would you like to know more about working with the document module? Here you’ll find the manual. On page 9 you’ll read how the merge fields and question fields work.

*Would you like to recreate the Employer statement curfew? Over here you’ll find a setup in Word.

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