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Carry on with OTYS

  • 28-05-2020 10:30 AM
Written by
Jorrit Blok

Our company is built on pillars of crisis. When everyone was glued to the television and saw the two planes crash into the WTC in New York, I was busy building OTYS. From my 2 room apartment (also my office at the time) I was also watching in shock. You didn't have to be a genius to understand that this would have huge economic consequences. And so it turned out. Everything collapsed, including the stock prices! Quitting was not an option for me. I started working even harder on the software that I believed in and still believe in. And luckily it paid off.

In 2008 I had a real office with 15 employees and also an office in New York. A branch in 'the land of opportunities'! Man, man was I happy and proud. Until the mortgage crisis set in and burst my big American dream like a bubble. Before I knew it, it was no longer manageable and I had to let go of my US office. This way could ensure that my Dutch company could stay afloat. It was a short, but very instructive experience that made me realize how vulnerable everything is and how important it is to put down a good product that can stand against every type of hurdle.

Now, in 2020, we are in our third crisis. Although we are in the middle of it and no one can see coffee grounds, I can confidently say that we are going to overcome this one too. Not because I want to come across as overconfident or arrogant, but because I firmly believe that you have to be convinced of the quality of your product all the way down to your toes. That merit is no longer mine alone. The best IT professionals, former recruiters, developers, marketers, etc. work all year round to put their knowledge, skills and passion into OTYS. We are all riding on each other's strengths and will be ready for our relations, so that they can again be fully engaged in recruitment and selection. Once this is all over, the work will continue. Functions must and will be fulfilled.

2020 will always remain in our memory as crisis number three. But once again one that we survived together. Let's ride on the power of OTYS and get back on top together. Let's size opportunities together.

Jorrit Blok

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