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How do you optimally use job vacancies?

  • 01-10-2020 9:29 AM
Written by
Maaike Bolhuis, In Goede Banen

The advantages of working with OTYS in combination with a multiposter.

You can work more efficiently with the right tools. With the OTYS recruitment software you improve both your work processes and the candidate experience, but how can you make job placements run most efficiently?

1. Work with a solid ATS
For efficient placement / distribution of your vacancies, it is important that you work with an ATS that also supports this well. OTYS does this. Because OTYS is all-in-one, they can automate almost all processes. This not only saves you time, but also a lot of money and reduces susceptibility to errors. In addition, OTYS has infinite linking and integration options with partners.

2. Provide well-written vacancy texts
To ensure that your vacancies are easy to find among the right target group, it is important that you design the texts of your vacancies properly. Use relevant terms, this will increase your findability.

3. Use a full-fledged multiposter
Automated job posting enables customers to publish vacancies properly, quickly and measurably. The channels on which this happens depends of course on the labor market target group. By using a multiposter, you distribute vacancies to many (free) job boards. This does not have to be limited to region only. In these times with COVID-19 and rising unemployment, the use of free job boards is growing. By working with a multiposter from OTYS, you have access to more than 100 free job boards with 1 click.

Choose your multiposter based on relevance. For example, look at your need for countries where you want to distribute vacancies (Only in the Netherlands or also in Belgium, or eg Eastern or Southern Europe). Another relevant part is to look at the possibility of being able to make your own choices for each individual vacancy or not. Not every software facilitates that. Status reports are also an important point. Multiposting software exists thanks to links between software and job boards. A 'hiccup' in communication can sometimes lead to incorrect placement. As a user, you must be informed of this.

One step further? OTYS offers (via InGoedeBanen.nl) the possibility to post campaign-based. It enables you to, campaign-based, publish larger numbers of vacancies with a high turnaround speed fully automatically. Based on data, budgets and marketing resources, campaigns are flexibly arranged according to field, region or client. This gives you optimal insight into the expenses and revenues per campaign, channel and vacancy. Results are measured in cost per click, cost per applicant and / or cost per hire. The perfect marketing solution for more difficult to fill vacancies.

4. Make sure your ATS is suitable for receiving and measuring response
Not every ATS is equally suitable for processing responses directly from the job boards. ATS’ with a lot of attention to the candidate journey (such as OTYS) are usually very suitable for processing applications and measuring response. This ensures that you know where your candidates come from and which channels (job boards) generate the most placements. That makes a targeted job board choice for future job placements a lot easier.


Multiposters: InGoedeBanen, Recruitment Technologies
Job boards & Job boards: Academic Transfer, Indeed Star Partner, LinkedIn, Stepstone & many more through our partners

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