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Now available: real time video chat

  • 08-10-2018 11:56 AM
Written by
M. Ingen

The world around us has changed and is still changing. Digitization is an important part of this. Where we used to find it normal to send a letter and wait a day (or longer) before it was read, we are now annoyed when an email does not arrive within 10 seconds. In the past 17 years, OTYS has played an important role in digitizing recruitment processes of our clients.


OTYS has created a large number of tools for its customers, so that they are able to do their work as efficiently as possible. The fact that deliberately delayed sending of (rejection) emails is still one of the most popular OTYS functionalities, emphasizes this. Although OTYS prefers to automate as much as possible, we also emphasize that all this automation should ensure that the recruiter has more time to show his greatest quality: being ‘human’. This human factor is, despite all digitization, of great importance in a recruitment process.


We introduced a very special new functionality that is available to all our customers: OTYS Real Time. Discussing things face-to-face is normally better than discussing them by phone or email, but it is not always the most practical way. You have to meet somewhere, someone probably has to get in the car or train and there are costs involved (like train and parking tickets). It makes scheduling such an appointment more difficult because an appointment of an hour probably takes twice as long (or even more) for at least one of the parties. For these reasons, several of our customers already use solutions such as Skype for video interviews. This makes keeping an interview with a candidates efficient for both the recruiter and the candidate. Video chat is a very efficient way to have personal contact in this digitized world. The disadvantage of this method is that in many cases a candidate needs to create a Skype account, Skype must be installed and the process is not integrated in OTYS. With OTYS Real Time, OTYS offers a video chat functionality for all its users. Free of charge.


Assuming that you as an OTYS user already keep track of candidate interviews in your OTYS calendar, you only have to tick the ‘Video’ checkbox in the calendar item to enable this video interview. The candidate will then see a link in the invitation email to start the video interview. As soon as the candidate clicks on the link at the agreed date & time, a web page opens on your own website to explain the process. If the candidate clicked on the link from his mobile or tablet, the candidate is even able to install a free app (which is available for iPhone, iPad & Android) for an even smoother video chat experience. You as a recruiter will see the interview in your OTYS calendar and are able to start the video by clicking on a button in the calendar item. Once both parties are connected, the video chat will start and you will be able to do your video interview.


We can of course imagine that you forgot to check this ‘Video’ checkbox in a calendar item or that you want to do a video interview ‘on the fly’. For this we have also created the possibility to instantly start a video interview from a candidates dossier. Clicking the video chat-icon in a candidates dossier will immediately start a video interview and will allow you to send a link for the video to the candidate so he or she is also able to join.


Once the video interview is completed, we can imagine you sometimes would like to discuss with a colleague if you are going to introduce the candidate to your client. If your colleague is in the office, that will be no problem. If your colleague is not in the office, it will also not be a problem. Besides being able to video chat with candidates & contacts, OTYS Real Time is also implemented in the internal chat functionality of OTYS Go! When opening a chat with a colleague you can start the video chat with -again- one push of the button. A video chat will automatically open with your colleague to discuss the outcome of the interview.


Not trying to sound like home shopping, but wait... there is more!

We can imagine that you would like to be able to save the video interview so you are able to review it at a later stage. So we have also made it possible to record these video chats and automatically save them in the candidates dossier. This way you and your colleagues are able to review the interview at a later stage (whether it is a day to check a specific answer or a year later because you need to be reminded of what the candidate was like). This process is ‘GDRP proof’ by stating that the video can be recorded and that the candidate agrees to this before clicking on the link and usage of our GDPR functionality. OTYS invested in quite a complex server solution to offer live video chat free of charge to our clients, however storing these interviews can take up quite some storage. The recording of interviews is therefore a ‘paid addition’ to the free of charge video chat functionality.


We hope you are as excited as us about this very ‘cool’ new OTYS feature. At OTYS we love doing things before they are ‘common’ and we love you to join us in that. We expect that in the next few years video communication will become a very common way of communicating and would like OTYS clients to be one of the firsts to really embed this in their processes. For the exact ‘step-by-step’ descriptions we have updated our OTYS Chat manual with these new features and if you still have questions about it, please let us know.


We would like to hear your feedback!

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