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All about Artificial Intelligence inside recruitment

  • 18-01-2021 10:11 AM
Written by
Kyara Jorritsma, Recruit Robin

As we all know, the age of newspapers and love letters in bottles are pretty much behind us. But oh well, computers are now capable of predicting our behaviour and Artificial Intelligence is taking over large parts of our (recruitment) processes. A lot of things have either changed or developed, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this. Would you like to know more about A.I., or receive examples of tools used by A.I. to improve processes? Then continue reading!

Wow, settle down. What is A.I.?

It is especially important to understand the difference between A.I. and machine learning. Machine learning is focused on the development of software that improves upon its own accomplishments. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, places the focus on the things that happen outside of the human brain. A.I. also gets described as the capacity of a system to interpret external data, with the goal being using this data to achieve certain goals.

The three types of A.I.

Like the title of this paragraph suggests, there are three types of Artificial Intelligence. The first one is Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI, in short). ANI is charged with one simple task, with a limited offer of facilities. Examples of these are Google Translate, Siri or Google Assistant. The second one is called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). AGI is almost as capable as a homo sapiens, but still has a few faultlines. But let’s be fair, who can really understand the human brain? It makes sense that AGI has not yet mastered this. The final variety is called ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence. This gem is more futuristic than the previously mentioned types, and its even more capable than a human. The decision making, acquiring of emotional capacities and the forming of relations will be handled by ASI. 

Contemporary examples of A.I.

  • Google’s A.I. Powered Predictions
  • Ridesharing apps like Uber of Lyft
  • A.I. Autopilots, which are often used in commercial flights
  • Spam filters (useful!)
  • Smart e-mail categorization
  • Plagiarism checkers at universities
  • Robo-readers
  • Recruit Robin, which uses A.I. to automatically find the best candidates for you ;)

How and why is A.I. such a success?

It’s evident that A.I. has taken its place in our society. But why exactly?

  1. Due to the combination of machine learning A.I. keeps improving itself, and your processes too;
  2. With Artificial Intelligence you are the boss. When you tell A.I. what to do, it will obey;
  3. Since A.I. uses data to make certain predictions for making decisions, it’s almost always impartial; 
  4. The better you make clear what the rules are and the more you provide data to A.I., the better Artificial Intelligence can make predictions and decisions;
  5. Conclusion: you’ve got a fantastic robot at your disposal, which is ready to do everything you want it to do!

The power of A.I. in the recruitment industry

Are you curious about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment? Aside from the fact that with A.I. you can automatically find candidates with a wonderful tool of, you guessed it: Recruit Robin, there are many other chances. This way one can also screen candidates with the help of artificial intelligence, so you can immediately estimate whether it’s the perfect fit. You will also improve upon your engagement this way and shorten your time-to-fill. A.I. can also be used to provide you with a follow-up of a process. Aside from that Artificial Intelligence gives you the possibility to use certain tools during processes, like Harver or Mocha, to estimate the personality and capacity of your candidate. 

With chatbots, like those of Joboti, you can automatically reply to candidates or customers. These chatbots, and other technological powerhouses, can adapt their messages to match the character and preferences of the person they’re ‘in conversation’ with. You practically won’t have to do a thing! You can prevent fraudulent actions with the use of Pipl, which connects personal, professional and social identity data so it can detect any form of fraude. This way risks get eliminated in real-time, and you also get ‘intelligent’ insight in your candidates and customers. And finally: you can also manage your organization, including for instance your organization culture, with Artificial Intelligence. Saberr Base measures the relations inside your team through surveys, raises self-awareness and generates team reports. This way your business gets the attention it deserves in a well-organized manner.


Yes, it’s an easy one: Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. The internet simply has so much to offer that we practically can’t do without. It raises productivity, personality, conversion and effectivity. Just do it!

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