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A new website in one afternoon

  • 08-10-2020 9:38 AM
Written by
Larissa Kampert

Every month at OTYS various websites appear online, which we would like to put in the spotlight. OTYS has various projects, from building custom websites to speed trajectories. With a speed trajectory, your website plus the OTYS recruitment system is live within one day! And let the next website have been created via a speed trajectory. Doornbos Werving & Selectie has been a loyal customer at OTYS for more than 10 years and they also had a website built through our famous speed trajectories. That went so well that they wanted more. It was a fruitful afternoon with a great result, namely: a brand new website equipped with the latest technological gadgets.

A perfect time to talk to Klaas Doornbos, the owner of Doornbos Werving & Selectie. His recruitment and selection agency focuses on specialist and managerial vacancies in agribusiness. We were of course eager to know how his speed trajectory went, and fortunately he was happy to share this with us!

Where lies the focus for the company at the moment?
"The focus is on making a good match for the long term. This means empathizing with the wishes of both candidate and customer and trying to take optimal account of factors that need attention to arrive at a good match. "

What do you yourself do to stand out in the market?
"Personal attention is the basis. This means sincere interest in the people you have contact with and on that basis work on a good and lasting relationship. As a result, we also have a large group of loyal customers for whom we have been able to fill the vacancies for years and with success! "

Which aspects of OTYS have made you choose us?
"We have been a customer of OTYS for 10 years and are satisfied with the support and package of OTYS. We also tackled the previous website via a speed trajectory in 2011 and that worked well for a long time. In recent years, OTYS has of course regularly pointed out that my website could be renewed once. I felt I could manage just fine and the business with the old website went well. From my basis of personal contact, I had many contacts by telephone and face to face and I did not immediately see the added value of a new website. Now that this is over and I have also seen what has changed over the years, I understand that I missed a few stations and that I could have done this a little earlier. "

How did you experience the implementation process with OTYS?
"I have experienced the implementation process as pleasant and professional. I have experienced that I was well taken into the process and had to make conscious choices. If that was difficult for a while, I was aided in taking steps. I was surprised by the knowledge and skills of the (in my eyes) young professionals and that also helped me to let go and to confirm that I really have to take this step to keep up with changes in this new time.''

Implementing a new ATS / setting up a website can be a long process, how did you approach this?
"I think it took less than a month between the commissioning and implementation. I think it went very quickly and in that month I was also asked to make choices and supply material. The implementation went very effectively in one morning and the new vacancy went live in the early afternoon."

What advice would you give to fellow recruiters when purchasing a new ATS / recruitment website?
"Dare to let go and trust the insight and skills of young professionals. The technology and means of communication change so quickly that you cannot know and keep up with everything. OTYS employs young enthusiastic professionals who have to keep up with these changes. In my case, this worked out very well because I have had my own company for 20 years and also got stuck in certain patterns. My son Frank (21 yrs) was with us that morning because due to his interest and education he is also involved with new media. He has also helped me a lot in confirming that this is a good step. Of course it was also fun and educational for him to see how the people of OTYS do and guide this."

Are there certain functionalities that you know will come in handy?
"First, the responsive website. I had a separate mobile module in my old website and of course it was no longer optimally visible on all interfaces. Furthermore, the links with social media have been improved and I can more easily join initiatives such as Google for Jobs."

In 3 sentences; what do you think of the new website?
"In terms of layout and technique it once again looks modern. It’s more up to date now with the photo’s and text. It again gives room to make it even better and more attractive for our target group the coming period and it’s focused on the approach that suits us."

Is there anything you would like to share with us?
"I would like to thank Kim, Thomas and Jonas for their contribution and assistance. And thank Bas van Rij for his patience. As a commercial man, he has tried several times in recent years to persuade me to invest in a new website. I'm glad I took this step now and hope to enjoy it for years to come!"

We would like to thank Klaas Doornbos for this wonderful interview and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other in 10 years during a speed trajectory! Curious about the new website of Doornbos Werving & Selectie? Click here

Are you curious about the possibilities and what OTYS can do for you? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you with your next step in your business. Whether this concerns a custom website or a speed trajectory, OTYS is ready for you!

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