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How to create a successful LinkedIn ad in 4 steps?

  • 22-06-2021 2:44 PM
Nina van Eden
Written by
Nina van Eden

In the recruitment industry you are always looking for the right candidates. Whether it’s meant for yourself or for a client. LinkedIn is a very good platform to find candidates. You can also advertise on LinkedIn to make your vacancy visible to your target group. In this blog I will explain how you can start a successful LinkedIn advertisement. The ad will eventually lead to a vacancy on your application website. This way you can lead your target group to a vacancy on your website in a promotional post. I’ll take you through this process in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Create an advertising account

To advertise on LinkedIn you need an advertising account. You can create your account via linkedin.com/ads. Once you are logged in, go to campaign management and click on the “create campaign” button at the top right. Clicking on this will take you to a new page and to step 2.

Step 2: Set up the campaign

In this step we will set up the campaign. First of all, the aim is to determine the target group. The advertisement will eventually bring more website visitors to your vacancy, which is why the objective: “website visitors” is chosen.

Next, we will further verify the target groups. At locations, you choose the location that matches the vacancy. Are you looking for a marketer in the South Holland region? Then choose the location Zuid-Holland here. This can vary from region to specific place. Then you have to set the profile language, in this case Dutch.

You can then further define your target audience. Here you can completely define your own target group from experience, to interests and behavior. At the experience section you can, for example, add job titles to specify your target group even further. The more specific you are, the more focused you are searching. This will cause you to exclude certain people on LinkedIn who do not fit the vacancy. The more specifically you define the target group, the more people will see the vacancy who are actually interested. So you really show the ad to people who might apply for your vacancy. In this step you already filter out people who will not be interested in the vacancy. Furthermore, there are many more options available to specify your target group. How you set this up and which options you choose, depends on the target group.

Then we arrive at the ad format. There are several options available: single image ad, image carousel ad, video ad, text ad, spotlight ad, message ad, and conversation ad. Choose the one that matches your ad here.

Step 3: Set your budget and schedule

Next we continue with budget and schedule. I can imagine that it will become more difficult at this stage and that you sometimes do not know what is the best choice and that you are afraid of paying too much. When advertising on LinkedIn you can set the duration of your ad, but also the budget. You can adjust the budget yourself and you can choose to choose a day budget or to choose a total budget. So you can set everything up the way you want. However, the lower the amount, the less the ad is displayed. You can also decide when you want the advertisement to start and end. So suppose you make the advertisement on Sunday, you can also choose to start this Monday. You can also choose the type of bid, you can choose three different options:

  • Automatic bid. With this option the LinkedIn bidding system makes an offer on your behalf. This is often the easiest option. Especially if you are going to advertise on LinkedIn for the first time, automatic bid is the easiest option.
  • Increased CPC. Here you will pay per click on your ad. You can choose a maximum bid per click. This option is more complicated than automatic bid.
  • Maximum bid CPM. Here you will pay per 1000 views. Again, you can choose a maximum bid.

Step 4: create the ad and put the ad live

Then you can start creating your ad. Here you can first choose which type of ad you want to show. For example, have you made a video that will promote your vacancy? Then you can choose the type of video here. You can also opt for just a text or for one or more images. You can then give the advertisement a name and possibly select a file. You can also add an introductory text and add a heading. At Landing page URL you add the URL of the job opening that leads to the job opening on your application website. Call to action in this case is “more information” as we do not post a vacancy on LinkedIn, but that the advertisement will lead to the vacancy on your application website. Of course you can also only show a vacancy as an advertisement on LinkedIn. Only this blog has been chosen to lead to the application website. Since there is often more information about the vacancy to be found there and the candidate will now apply via your website. So this is something you can choose for yourself, this option is just highlighted in this blog. At LinkedIn you always see an example of how the advertisement will look like. Are you satisfied? Then click on the “create” button. You will then be taken to a new page, click on the “next” button to find an overview of the advertisement. Check everything carefully and then the last step is to click on the "start campaign" button and your ad is live!

So you can really easily and quickly create a campaign on LinkedIn that refers to your vacancy on your application website.

We can also imagine that you are not very adept at creating campaigns or defining target groups and you just want more candidates or more clients. Partners like TheRecruitBoosters can help you with that. They unburden you throughout the entire process. This starts with mapping out the target group, and eventually leads to a continuous supply of warm leads and candidates, who are ready to start a conversation with you. As a result of this collaboration, all leads and candidates are stored directly in OTYS. This way, not only will your data be safeguarded, but you can also work very actively and in a targeted manner.

Did you know that we can create an application website for you? OTYS has a whole team available that can build a website for you!

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