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Optimize five steps in your recruitment process with NIXZ

  • 04-02-2021 10:29 AM
Written by
Lilian Toonstra

NIXZ helps you in your recruitment by making your sourcing process run faster, more efficient and error free. In this blog we tell you how you can optimize your sourcing process with NIXZ. 

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Step 1: Create a search query 

First you start with the task of publishing a vacancy. Perhaps you have a standard template for most job titles. When the vacancy is ready, you can start the search query and the online search on various job boards can begin. This search is often repetitive manual work. Kandido Find of NIXZ is the right tool to help recruiters on their way. From the vacancy you start a search query on the NIXZ dashboard and Kandido immediately goes to work on your behalf. NIXZ searches for suitable candidates on LinkedIn and other job boards. 


Step 2: The first filtering of candidates 

In addition to searching job titles it’s also convenient to filter on what candidate you’re looking for in advance. Many job boards have the ability to do this. You can search for candidates nearby or candidates with a specific certification. Maybe for a specific job you’re looking for someone with a particular driver license. This you can also include in your Kandido search query. In addition, Kandido provides additional search filters such as, for example, years of work experience in the profession. 


Step 3: Put the data in your database 

A good ATS, like OTYS, is naturally your place to store all the details of your vacancies and candidates. On different kinds of platforms you view information on candidates and then add this one candidate to your ATS. This can now be done faster with the NIXZ OTYS plugin. For each profile that you view  the plugin checks whether the candidate is in your ATS. The plugin now does this for profiles of LinkedIn, Indeed, werk.nl and Xing. With one click you can also add the candidate to your ATS and even link it to a vacancy. Additionally, you edit your information and place your comments in the candidate profile from the plugin. It’s super easy!


Step 4: The first contact with the candidate

Once you have a list of candidates in your ATS, you obviously want to get in touch with this candidate. You can call or e-mail them and see, let’s say, if they are available. But with Kandido Connect of NIXZ you can automatically send connection requests and personalized messages to all candidates found. This is now possible on LinkedIn and Indeed. These messages can be customized completely to your liking and - style with the tokens of Kandido. This way you maintain even more time for the fun side of your work: real contact with your candidates.


Step 5: Application and matching of the candidate 

Recruiters often find this last step the most fun part. Because here you really get in touch with suitable candidates who are actually interested in your job. They are waiting for your further evaluation and follow-up. Let the application process begin! 


Have we got your attention? 

Are you, like us, dying to start with NIXZ in 2021? Or do you have any questions on the plugin? Take a look on the partner pagina, nixz.io, kandido.nl or mail NIXZ directly with helpdesk@nixz.io.


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