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What does a recruitment and selection agency do?

  • 03-06-2021 10:00 AM
Written by
Nina van Eden

Recruiting the right candidates for the right vacancies is an important process, but it can take a lot of time. Many companies outsource this to specialists in the field: a recruitment and selection agency. This blog explains exactly what a recruitment and selection agency is, what they do exactly and how they are paid.

First of all, what is recruitment and selection agency?

A recruitment and selection agency is engaged in recruiting, selecting and appointing candidates to various clients. Naturally, the requirements regarding the candidate of the relevant client are taken into account. After it’s been made clear what the client wants, the recruiter starts recruiting candidates, then candidates are selected and these candidates are presented to the client again. In short, a recruitment and selection agency can be described as an external party that takes on the search for a new employee in order to unburden the client.


What exactly does a recruitment and selection agency do?

Now you pretty much know what a recruitment and selection agency is, but what exactly does such an agency do? At a recruitment and selection agency, the following steps are often taken in the process:
1. Often the recruiter first checks his/her database to see if he/she has candidates that fit the vacancy. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is often used for that database, just like OTYS Go!. This contains all candidates that the recruiter has already collected, also called a talent pool. The client's vacancy is placed next to this database and the recruiter will look at which candidates suit the client. If you’d like to know more, check out Janine Nieboer's short OTYS Advice about the databases and talent pools.
2. The next logical step is usually setting up a campaign in order to reach the right candidates. This often happens on your own website, but also on job boards or social media. The vacancy is also presented to candidates who find themselves on these platforms. If candidates apply through one of these platforms, the recruiter will add these candidates to the database. With a linked ATS, these applicants are automatically added to your database. And that’s because they applied directly on your recruitment website, but also through smart links with Indeed and Linkedin, for example. It is also possible that you, as a recruiter, actively search for suitable candidates on a platform such as Linkedin. A new Chrome Plugin SimpleRecruiter or Nixz is ideal for this. With this you can immediately see whether the potential candidate is already in your ATS and you can also put it in your ATS with the push of a button. A selection will be made from these (new) candidates.
3. If it is clear to the recruiter which candidates he or she wants to introduce to the client, the recruiter will first start a conversation with the candidate. This does not necessarily have to be in the form of a job interview. Often the recruiter calls the candidates to ask a number of questions or possibly reject the candidate. Based on the answers, a new selection of candidates is drawn. So a number of candidates have 'passed to the next round' and others are rejected.
4. The candidates who are still interesting for the client after this interview will be introduced to the client. This can be in the form of an online CV presentation, in which a client immediately indicates whether or not he is interested. This can also be an immediate conversation, where the recruiter is often not present. The client then determines whether the candidate is hired and the recruitment and selection agency is paid by the client. If not, the process will be repeated.

How is a recruitment and selection agency paid?

A recruitment and selection agency can be paid by the client in various ways. It may be that a recruitment and selection agency wants to receive an X amount in advance, so before the process starts and then again if the right candidate has been found. Another way is that a recruitment and selection agency does not receive anything in advance, but that this X amount is only added up when the right candidate has been found.
If you are curious about how you can become a recruiter, read the blog: How do I become a recruiter?

Are you working or do you have your own recruitment and selection agency, and are you looking for a (different) ATS? View here what OTYS can do for you.

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