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OTYS Go! newest releases

  • 01-10-2018 12:00 PM
Written by
M. Ingen

OTYS recruitment software is all about tech, innovation and experience. Because we like to be innovative and continue to do so, the latest OTYS Go! releases can’t be missed. We give you a sneak preview what has recently gone live!

Planning module

Via the Planning module you can efficiently plan your candidates on different projects. Through the module you are able to record the availability of candidates (or have the option to let the candidate do this himself) and to enter services of your clients in order to find suitable candidates for the relevant services. Because the Planning Module is integrated in your OTYS system, you avoid a double entry and you can, for example, search for candidates on already existing match criteria.

Task module

The Task Module lets you create an overview of the tasks you need to perform. By working with templates you can easily and quickly create common tasks. These tasks obviously consist of a title, assigned person & status; but you can also record things as a user group, task group, task type, deadline & manager. This way you can make a large number of selections (from your own open tasks to certain non-executed tasks over the deadline) while having everything under control.

Kanban boards (scrum)

Scrum is a popular and flexible way to make (software) products and consists of various 'tools'. One of those tools is the 'Kanban board': a board with all kinds of different colored Post-its that visualize the status of a project. This is a very nice tool that creates an overview in projects of many software suppliers. Because it is such a nice tool, OTYS has created Kanban boards for recruiters with visual representations of how your recruitment process works.

OTYS skins

From now on it is possible to suit the look & feel of your OTYS Go! system to your preferences. You can create, for example, the look & feel of OTYS Go! in the corporate identity of your organization. In this way you and your colleagues really feel that they work in an application of your company. Even giving a 'personal touch' per user (for example change the background in a nice holiday photo) to make OTYS Go! even more personal.


Document module

Since quite a while it is possible to generate 'standard documents' in OTYS: these can be e-mails or documents that can be filled with merging fields and / or question fields. This functionality can be used from rejection emails to employment contracts. The Document module has now been updated & improved in OTYS Go! It is thus possible to divide documents into reusable 'snippets' and it is possible to make very nice documents from them. This makes the Document Module (also) ideally suited as a contract generator.

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