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4 Useful tips for Google Analytics 4 for recruiters

  • 06-05-2021 9:30 AM
Written by
Nina van Eden

As you may have read in our previous blog, Google Analytics has released a new version of Google Analytics 4. Have you not installed Google Analytics 4 yet? Then first read our blog: "How can you install Google Analytics via OTYS?". You may have already read our other blog: "What's the difference between Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4?" Then you know that a lot has changed in the new version of Google Analytics. In this blog we will take a closer look at Google Analytics 4 and I will give you 4 tips for you as a recruiter.

1. Use the search bar

You can ask questions to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). For example, do you want to see how many visitors your website had last week? Enter your question in the search bar and GA4 will answer immediately. This way, you can come up with and ask questions yourself, or you can see what suggestions GA4 gives you and use these statistics. Take a look at the image below.

However, GA4 is still under development, it may be that GA4 cannot answer your question.

2. Become familiar with the various ‘events’

In GA4, events have different specific names. For example, you have the event “session_start” that marks the start of a session or “user_engagement” that measures user engagement. To understand GA4 statistics, it is helpful to know what exactly these events measure. Via this link you can see what certain events are called and what they measure.

3. Target groups

In GA4 you can view your target group just like in Google Universal Analytics. GA4 has already created two target groups itself:

  1. All Users: as the word says, this is the overview of all users
  2. Purchases: this is the target group that has carried out a valuable action on your website.

But you can also create target groups yourself in GA4. If you find it difficult to determine a target audience, Google Analytics 4 also displays suggested target groups. If you choose templates, GA4 displays templates based on, for example, the demography and within the template demography users of the website are segmented based on different demographic data. Here’s a tip: turn on these templates and analyze this data first. If you are ready for the next step, you can also create target groups yourself by segmenting users by characteristics that are important to your company. Curious how this should be done? Then watch this video.

4. Just take a look around GA4

GA4 appears to be very different from the old Google Analytics, but you will also notice that many statistics that you use in Google Universal Analytics can also be found in GA4. My last tip is to just take a look around GA4. Check out what's new and what you do understand. Can't quite figure it out? You can find a lot of information on Google or you can watch useful videos on Youtube, channels such as Pure Internet Marketing (Dutch), Analytics Mania (English), Google Analytics itself (English) and Loves Data (English) are very helpful. You can also still use the old Google Analytics, as it is not yet known when Google Analytics will switch to GA4.

If you still have a lot of question marks, don't worry too much. GA4 is fairly new and Google Analytics will not be moving to this new version any time soon. Good luck discovering the new version of Google Analytics.

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