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Innovative & solid!We are OTYS

We invite you to join us on the OTYS time trail. The many experiences together with colleagues, and of course also clients and partners, have made our organisation what it is today: a solid, innovative organisation with a product that we’re proud of! OTYS has seized opportunities together over the years. Will you join us?

Yes, it’s true! Somewhere in an attic?

Did you know that OTYS was set up in 2001 in an attic by the present CEO Jorrit Blok? Finally OTYS moved to an office in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. Since then OTYS has grown into a solid company with more than 1,000 clients and over 15,000 users in 25 countries around the world. 


Belgium, the UK and the US! OTYS International is a fact

In 2006 OTYS entered the foreign market, the software being introduced first in Belgium and then in the UK and the US. Later the actual international locations will be opened. At this moment we serve the entire online world from 3 EU-locations!


Great combination From product to service

On 8 November 2007 OTYS introduces a completely new brand identity during the OTYS event ‘The Candidate Experience’. OTYS has grown in the past few years from a technological business with software solutions into a service provider in recruitment. That means that OTYS has technology but also offers solutions.


Innovation and partners Offering a comprehensive solution!

In 2008 OTYS is in full innovation mode. The Flex Manager is being developed, video board is integrating its products in OTYS and a big step is taken by launching Actonomy’s search and matching technology. The OTYS application thus becomes even smarter and more comprehensive.


Apps and mobile before it became really hip Before it became really hip?

In 2011 One Touch Recruitment (OTR) was launched. OTR is the all-encompassing system of OTYS that coves the whole recruitment process and is geared to the overall management of the business. It consists of the automation of all parts of the recruitment chain: from tracing leads and sales to managing offers, products, order intake and task and calendar management. Clients could also expand their vacancy channel this year with a mobile version for optimal recruitment exposure.


You can learn from mistakes As long as you recover from them, right?

OTYS launches the Phoenix platform. Progressive technology and innovative features. However, on the outside it did not turn out to be as succesful as thought - and as it was on the inside. But still, there’s no shine without friction and no success without failure… 


Straight through to Go! One platform: everything’s possible

While Phoenix did not deliver the product we wanted, the idea behind this product was sound. An intuitive SaaS product with which really everything is possible. The foundations were immediately laid for the construction of a new platform. Invest, invest, invest.


Onward to something new! The persuasive power of Go!

All clients transfer to our new product OTYS Go! That’s not just good for us (since it’s obviously easier to maintain just one product) but we’re also convinced that with our state-of-the-art platform we can help our clients even better in new times. The focus is entirely on Go! and helping our clients.


OTYS rocks! We set the tone

OTYS is ready for a party. With the OTYS Xperience we write history. Not just an inspiring daytime programme in which we launched eight new modules including Videochat, Documents, Kanban boards and the Traffic reporter, but also a legendary party with artists such as Ali B, Jennie Lena and the Dirty Daddies. Together with clients, partners and our network we celebrate the OTYS world. Many people still talk about this international event! And the tone has been set for the coming years.

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Our locations

LocationOTYS Czech

Radlická 3201/14
150 00 Smíchov, Prague, Czech
+420 257 534 025

LocationOTYS Belgium

Brusselsesteenweg 159,
9090 Melle, Belgium
+32 9 324 11 60

LocationOTYS The Netherlands

De Bouw 115
3991 SZ Houten
+31 318 584 900

Van Storm Recruitment

‘’I’ve had over ten years of experience with OTYS, in several companies. As a comprehensive solution for recording and monitoring the whole recruitment process, job posting and CRM, OTYS offers a wide range of possibilities for customisation based on your own work processes.’’

Eric Schiphorst


 ‘’OTYS helps us carry out our recruitment processes efficiently and well. We particularly like the linkage between our website and the actual application, and the extensive search options within the candidate database enable us to identify the right candidate.’’

Jan van Vroenhoven

Independent Recruiters

“By working closely together with OTYS to make the best possible use of the software, we’ve become a better business.’’

Olfertjan Niemijer

Jobco Support

“OTYS sees clients as guests and itself as the host. For OTYS it’s important to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better every day. Jobco Support appreciates that very much indeed!’’

Anja Veldhuizen

OTYS is everywhere Get to know us

OTYS is everywhere. You’ll find us on social media, but also during Walk-In Friday at our headquarters in Veenendaal. Come and talk to us!

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